About Us

who we are

672 Brew is a White House Original coffee shop bistro, in the heart of White House, just off State Hwy 76.

How did we get our name?  Well, back when cell phones were only for adults and upper-class businessmen…

Back when parents heard every conversation because kids were bound by the cord dangling from the phone mounted to a wall in the kitchen…

Back when every town had their unique phone number identifier…  White House had an identity behind “672”.  Most younger generations have never called an original White House phone number.  And if they have, they did not give the “672” prefix any thought of significance.

When we decided to be original and forego franchise of a typical big city coffee shop, we chose to support our hometown and bring back a small part of the community that will soon vanish.  We chose to be the 672 Brew – a White House Original.  

We want you to never stop growing, but don’t forget about the simple life where you began.  Always be Original.

And feel free to call us any time – at 672-BREW!

our mission

Our mission at 672 Brew is to create a community. We are tattoos and loafers, from town cars to Teslas.  We are red, yellow, black and white…and navy and aqua, too.  We are every generation from every walk of life.  We are a place where we can all share something in common.  

And we want you to feel like family.  So come as you are, but never stop becoming and believing in something bigger for yourself.  And have some fun with us along the journey!  Meet new people and build new relationships.  And most of all always be original.

we do local

672 Brew brews up only the freshest beans, roasted locally by Bad Habit Coffee Co. in Hendersonville.  We work with Café Imports to work more closely with the coffee farmers across the world, to ensure that they are provided the utmost support in order to harvest the best coffee for brewing, while keeping their families and communities healthy and prospering. 

We strive to have originally decadent, but yet traditional coffee recipes to fit every coffee craving.  You will be sure to find one that meets your need of the day, whether it’s a wake-up call, a midday pick-me-up, or a night out with the girls.

Not a night owl but love the beauty of local craft?  We have something for you, too!  Come by after 5pm to taste some of Nashville’s best local craft beer!  Limited selection means there is always something new in the turnkey.  We also have a top-of-the-line wine selection to choose from.  But don’t wait to make up your mind…we’re not night owls, either!

Whether it’s coffee, craft beer, wine or hot chocolate, we have plenty of light bistro options to pair with any choosing.  Check out our handcrafted waffle menu.  What do we mean by waffle menu?  I guess you need to come find out!  Mouthwatering breakfast and lunch sandwiches, gourmet sweet treats – and even sweeter options that come with less of the fuss.  Check out our health-conscious options from Healthy Body Bakery, served right here in White House! Feel free to sit at our handcrafted tables and visit with old friends or grab a quick bite along the way.

we do chill

We have several areas for you to relax and unwind, or recharge and hit the ground running.  Chill out by the fire pits on our comfy patio furniture (thank you Lynn’s Patio Shop!).  Hang out at the bar and meet a stranger.  Relax in one of our comfy lounge chairs for some down time (thank you Heritage House Furniture!).Or visit the Nest!  This area is a beautiful spot equipped for study groups, small events such as bridal showers, birthday parties or luncheons, but is also open all day for anyone to enjoy.  

Special Thank You

to these local vendors

  • B&B Signs
  • International Tea & Coffee Co.
  • Ink n' Screens
  • Orlinda Furniture Company
  • Second Chance Designs
  • Lipman Brothers
  • Johnson's Woodwork
  • nixonPRO Media
  • Thirty One West
  • TN Real Milk
  • Make Your Mark
  • Southern Charm Bakery
  • Tate Ornamental & Tate Granite
  • TCA
  • The Farmer's Bank
  • Volunteer State Bank
  • Holston Gases


Temporarily Closed on Sundays

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